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Aircraft Electrification

Moog is a vehicle-level, source-to-load electrical system provider from concept, through certification, to production for the next generation of electrical aircraft.

Electrification - Solutions For Tomorrow's Aircraft Today


Electric Engines

Moog designs and manufactures electric propulsion motors and controllers that range from 5kw to 75kw.  The systems comply with DO-160, DO-178 and DO-254.


Energy Storage Systems


Moog designs and manufactures battery modules and battery management units to specifically meet the power and energy needs of the customer.  The systems comply with DO-160, DO-311.


Flight Control Systems

Moog designs and electromechanical actuators and controllers for use in flight critical applications including the movement of flight control surfaces and swashplate to the pivoting of propulsion systems.  The systems comply with DO-160, DO-178 and DO-254.