Engine Controls

Engine Controls

Solving our customer’s toughest problems is what Moog does best.    That is why we have been a leading supplier of engine control actuation and actuation products since the 1960's specializing in: 

  • Variable Geometry Control 
  • Thrust Vector Control
  • Fuel Metering
  • Bleed & Surge Control
  • Anti-Icing Control

With proven designs matured through millions of accumulated flight hours, Moog's engine control products set the standard for reliability in civil and military aircraft engines and APUs. 

Our Offering:

  • Actuators
  • Control Manifold
  • Servovalves

Our Heritage: 

  • GE90, CFM56, CF6, CF34 
  • PW305, PW306, V2500
  • Trent 600/700/800, RB211, T406
  • F100, F110, F119, F404, F414, EJ200

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