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Customized Engineering and Logistics Solutions for Aircraft Worldwide

Today’s aircraft are flying far beyond their intended design life, resulting in high wear-out rates and increased total life cycle support costs. New and emerging technologies for next generation aircraft can offer solutions to obsolescence issues and offset the escalating costs of maintenance. Moog is uniquely positioned to introduce these new solutions on legacy aircraft via upgrade and life extension programs.

Repair & Overhaul Services for Non-Moog Hardware

Moog can provide cost-effective alternatives to challenging repair and overhaul issues. Our breadth of product support ranges from actuation and flight control systems to mechanical gearboxes, utility applications, electronics and more.

Modifications & Upgrades

Moog is constantly striving to improve the reliability and maintainability of fielded hardware based on real world customer experience. Modifications and upgrades can be performed at Moog’s facilities or supplied in kits designed specifically for customer installations.

Reliability Enhancements - Technology Insertion

There is high demand for new technologies and reliability improvements to offset escalating costs of aging aircraft system maintenance. Moog’s highly skilled engineers can apply state-of-the-art technology, resulting in increased reliability, lower operating costs and extended useful life.

Obsolescence Management

Many legacy aircraft have obsolescence issues with parts or suppliers that are no longer in business. Moog engineers have the talent and expertise to solve these issues, and are backed by quick reaction machine shops to get the hardware from drawing to production in time to meet your schedule.

Logistics Services

Moog offers total logistics support and value-added services for military and commercial operators worldwide. Moog’s logistic support services exceed aerospace standards, with a guarantee of total customer satisfaction and world-class quality in all of our products.