Launch Vehicle Controllers

TVC controllers are complimentary to our actuators, supporting hydraulic, electrohydrostatic, and low/high power electromechanical actuators.




Electromechanical Actuation Controller (EMAC)

The EMAC is a dual redundant, rad-hard, digital system divided into two electrically isolated systems. It is designed to accommodate up to four types of engines and allows for parameter tuning based on engine type. The controller allows for commonality between units with changes to software rather than hardware.

Programs: Atlas V

Electronics Control Unit (ECU)

The common ECU works with the common electromechanical actuators (CEMA) and can be used across various platforms with changes to software rather than hardware.

Programs: Antares CASTOR 30

Modular Control Electronics Unit (CEU)

Based on heritage Moog controllers, the robust architecture of the CEU derived from flight hardware designs with common solutions for several applications. 

The CEU is designed to interface with different remote power stages (RPS) to allow the power electronics to scale as the power needs change over each stage of a launch vehicle.

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Remote Power Stages (RPS)

The RPS contains the output power control electronics necessary to commutate motors in the EM actuator. It holds two three-phase power bridges, one for each actuator. Each bridge is composed of six insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs).

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