VR Flight Demonstrator


The future of immersive aviation training has arrived!

Experience the immersive VR flight demonstrator showcasing our capabilities using motion systems, HMD motion compensation software, control loading and motion platforms.

Moog's Motion Compensation Software prevents the uncomfortable mismatching between the sense of motion and the visual input to the user. In this groundbreaking demo, users step into a virtual world with unprecedented comfort and fluidity. Moog Motion employs advanced algorithms and motion sensors to sync virtual movement with real-world sensations, ensuring a seamless and truly immersive experience.


Explore System Components:

Motion Compensation Software:

  • Immersive training experience
  • Enables the best of actual motion and virtual reality with unprecedented comfort and fluidity
  • Advanced algorithms and motion sensors to sync real-world sensations with virtual movement

Control Loading:

  • High reliability and fidelity design for FTD simulation applications
  • Compact size allowing for a drop in fit
  • Split architecture between actuators and servo drives for easier maintenance
  • Seamless integration with other Moog products to reduce part count
  • Each unit functions with generic or custom controls

Small Motion System:

  • High-fidelity, best-in-class system
  • Global installed base of over 500 systems
  • Human Rated with safety electronics and software
  • Built-in Dynamic Brakes
  • User-friendly Software Suite for easy operation   

Motion Platform:

  • Versatile design with auxiliary mounting points suitable for many applications
  • Capable for moving and fixed-based applications
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable dimensions to accommodate supporting equipment