Launch Vehicle Propulsion

Components and subsystems for launch vehicles regulate propulsion and pressurants for SRBs, main engine and upper stage engines.




Cryogenic Isolation and Vent Valves


Engine control valves are highly responsive and compatible with cryogenic or storable gas and fluid propellants. Moog's engine control valve solutions include ball, poppet, torque motor and solenoid valve.

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Pilot Operated Cold Gas Thrusters


Our high performance cold gas thrusters are used on a wide array of spacecraft systems, launch vehicle roll control systems, and even on astronauts' EVA backpacks during extra-vehicular maneuvers.

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Rocket Engine Module (REM)


The Rocket Engine Module (REM)  is a unique configuration of three MONARC 90 thrusters, providing optimal performance for spaceflight applications. These thrusters, which consist of one axial and two 90 degree turn flow thrusters, are liquid monopropellant thrusters designed to operate with hydrazine.

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The 50X1464 regulator is a fully mechanically high to low pressure control device that produces stable downstream pressure with no power requirements.

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Injector Valves

Moog’s injector valves are pilot operated, normally closed thruster valves used in support of missile or spacecraft engine bi-propellant applications.  

Flow Control Valves

Moog’s flow control valves are fueldraulic, servo-valve controlled devices that can produce variable propellant flow to a downstream thruster or other device.  The flow rate can be commanded to a desired level and maintained via a closed loop feedback circuit and a LVDT integral with the flow control valve.


Moog has comprehensive in-house system assembly and testing capability supporting missile and launch vehicle applications that include cold gas and chemical propellant systems.  Moog supports both manifolded and welded assemblies.