Servo and Proportional Valves with Special Features

For customers with machines used in demanding environments, Moog offers Servo Valves and Proportional Valves with advanced safety features such as fail-safe options, certifications for use in hazardous environments and special performance modifications.

Moog has a long history of providing valves with advanced features needed for applications that are in demanding or even hazardous environments. For example fail-safe versions of some of our most popular valve models are critical to machines in a variety of applications where workers need maximum protection. Our explosion-proof , flameproof and intrinsically-safe line of products offer special constructions and modifications needed for certification as explosion-proof.


Special Versions:

  • Fail-Safe Versions
  • Explosion-proof offering includes intrinsically-safe, flameproof and "increased safety" designs with ATEX and other related approvals
  • Spool Null Cuts
  • Light-weight construction and special cabling
  • Spool-in-Body/Bushing and Spool Assembly Construction
  • Valve Function (Q, p, p/Q)