Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform (RIwP™)

This video demonstrates a successful live fire of an M230LF on the RIwP

The RIwP offers multiple weapon options with in-theater user reconfigurability to ensure overmatch in every combat situation. Patents pending.

  • Unmatched Sensor and Pointing Technology Ensure the User Sees First, Engages First and Achieves Mission Success
  • Lightweight – Supports both Tactical and Fighting Vehicles
  • Rapid Under Armor Reloading of all Direct Fire Weapons
  • Simplify Training and Operation - Common Platform and User Interface Across all Weapon Variants
  • Universal Missile Platform has Capability to Fire a Multitude of Existing U.S. Ground Platform Missiles and Offers Capacity for Future Technologies
  • Enhanced 360 Situational Awareness Improves Survivability and Mission Capability by Providing Users with Enhanced Coverage
  • Advanced Fire Control System Allows Impact of Multiple Weapon Munitions Simultaneously, Optimizing the Element of Surprise

Turreted Weapon Systems

Moog provides integrated turret design for Missile Launch Pedestals. Hardware content includes:

  • Primary Stabilized Control Structure and All Related   
    Line Replacement Units (LRUs
  • Turret Control Display Assemblies (TCDA)
  • Electronic Control Units
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Battle Override Assemblies
  • TOW Interface Unit
  • Slip Rings
  • System Cables