Defense Actuators and Servoactuators

Mission Critical Designs

Our customers depend on us to provide mission critical, high performance actuators.  Our designs meet or exceed their  specifications so that our hardware performs in the most demanding situations.  

Moog is the premier supplier of electrohydraulic, electromechanical, electropneumatic, and electrohydrastatic actuators for the defense industry. Moog provides the broadest range of actuation solutions in the industry, from fractional horsepower actuators for tactical missiles to over 100 horsepower actuators for submarines.  



Military Ground Vehicles Actuators

Moog designs and develops a broad range of actuation technologies for the military ground vehicle market.  Moog is at the forefront of electromechanical design solutions and also provides a full range of hydraulic actuation solutions for new and upgrade vehicle programs.


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Missiles Actuators

Moog offers a wide range of actuators for tactical and strategic missiles platforms.  Moog has the experience to design and develop actuators to meet the demanding environments of today's missile programs, including radiation hardened and high temperature materials.  


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Naval Systems Actuators

Moog is the sole source supplier for electrohydraulic actuators for the Virginia Class submarine.  Moog's heritage and expertise in naval actuation and its broad capabilities in electromechanical actuation make Moog the premier motion control supplier for the Navy's future all-electric ships.


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Related Markets

Missile Systems

Moog provides precision steering controls for the missiles market through the application of industry leading products such as fin control actuation as well as divert and attitude control thruster valves.

Multi-axis Stabilization

Our solutions offer more accurate turret control, faster ammunition handling, and user friendly controls; all designed to address the warfighters’ need for survivability, maintainability, lethality, and less than lethal applications.

Naval Systems

Our motion control solutions comply with stringent naval qualification requirements such as shock, vibration, low acoustic signature, and seawater corrosion resistance.