Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform (RIwP®)

Proven Capability and Capacity to Host Maximum Multi-Domain Lethality Payloads

RIwP is a proven, modular, and scalable remote turret providing unmatched capacity to host multi-domain payloads for current and future ground-combat platforms. This remote weapon platform offers air defense, anti-armor, or multi-mission capabilities via world-class precision medium-caliber and indirect fires.



Designed to be weapon, sight, and platform agnostic, the RIwP (Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform) accommodates firepower growth to support future mission requirements. With survivability in mind the turret allows the warfighter to reload while under armor. This illustration depicts popular configurations to meet the full spectrum of remote turret related missions with a standard cupola being the centerpiece to build tailorable and reconfigurable “plug-and-play” weapons solutions.

RIwP Advantages

  • Commonality

    The RIwP family of remote turrets shares 85% commonality of subcomponents with all configurations thereby minimizing logistical footprint size and sustainment costs, maximizing training efficiency, and reducing total cost of ownership. 

  • Survivability

    RIwP’s design allows the warfighter to reload the direct fire weapons from inside the vehicle under full armor protection. Options for add-on armor are available. 

  • Field Reconfigurable

    RIwP allows for pre-planned mechanical, electrical, and software interfaces to support the swapping of payloads. Payloads can be changed in minutes with organic maintenance personnel and minimal lift capability. 

  • Proven Capability

    RIwP is the centerpiece for the Army’s Maneuver Short Range Air Defense Increment 1 (M-SHORAD, Inc 1) program and is supporting numerous other government operational needs.

BAE Systems Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle prototype successfully fires Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System during live multi-scenario demonstration

BAE Systems and Moog showcase a forward-thinking, versatile combat platform that paves the way for future rapid capability integration.

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Payload Agnostic

Platform Agnostic


The Payload and Platform Agnostic RIwP

The RIwP has the ability to support a wide range of weapons and sights, RIwP can be built to fit your mission's purpose from air defense, anti-armor, to multi-mission situations.


  • XM914
  • XM813
  • M2
  • M240
  • MK44
  • 30 x 113mm
  • 30 x 173mm
  • .50cal
  • 7.62 Coax


  • Air Defense Missile
  • Multi-Mission Missile
  • C-UAS Missile
  • Anti-Armor Guided Missile
  • 70mm Rocket
  • Stinger
  • Hellfire
  • Coyote
  • Brimstone
  • Javelin
  • Starstreak
  • Spike ER2
  • JAGM
  • TOW
  • Mistral
  • Talon
  • Missile Moyenne Portee (MMP)


  • MX-GCS
  • RV-TAS
  • IBAS
  • LRAS3
  • DNGS
  • Orion
  • Gunners Sight
  • Commanders Sight
  • EO Sight
  • Panoramic Sight
  • Independently Stabilized
  • Optical Sight


  • Wheeled Armored Fighting Vehicles
  • Tracked Armored Fighting Vehicles
  • Robotic Combat Vehicles
  • Containerized Platforms
  • Stryker
  • MATV
  • MRAP
  • Boxer


  • Non-Lethal Effectors
  • Directed Energy
  • Smoke grenades
  • Projectile grenades
  • Acoustic hailer
  • Laser dazzler
  • Laser designator

Video Gallery

See Moog’s RIwP turret defeat drones from GDLS’ Tracked Robotic 10-ton (TRX) platform.

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Moog provides precision steering controls for the missiles market through the application of industry leading products such as fin control actuation as well as divert and attitude control thruster valves.

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