Motion Control Systems for Defense

Moog provides components, sub-systems, and full systems to the defense market.  Equipping those who defend freedom, Moog designs motion control solutions for Air, Land and Sea military platforms. 

Air Defense Solutions

  • Precision Missile Steering
  • Divert and Attitude Control
  • Gun Turret Control Systems
  • Weapon Stores Management Systems
  • Guidance and Navigation Control


Land Defense Solutions

  • Turreted Weapon Systems
  • Stabilized Motion Control for Turrets
  • Expeditionary Radar and Sighting Systems
  • Remote Weapon Operation and Fire Control
  • Conversions and Upgrades
  • Power and Data Management and Distribution Systems
  • Non-Lethal Stand-Off Systems
  • Sensor and Surveillance Systems

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Sea Defense Solutions

  • Naval Gun Motion Control Systems
  • Autonomous Undersea Vehicle Propulsion & Actuation
  • Quiet Actuation Control
  • Weapon Stores Management Systems
  • Weapons Stabilization
  • Torpedo steering Control
  • Non-Lethal Stand-Off Systems