Helping you get started today

Helping you get started today

Helping OEM's launch and scale
zero emission machines faster

Helping solar sompanies develop
fields faster, safer and at a lower cost

Modual and swappable battery systems
that makes your conversion to electric easy

Power where you need it

ZQuip battery modules fit on any ZQuip machine, allowing you to move them across your fleet so you have power on the machines that need it.

Automation for Walking Excavators

A walking excavator has 4 legs, each with 3 degrees of freedom that enable the machine to move through and stabilize in very difficult terrain. That flexibility comes with the cost of complex operator controls.  As a result, training periods are long, and very few people can operate the machine productively and safely. To simplify control of the vehicle, Moog works with ETH Zurich University & Menzi Muck to implement a fully automated chassis control system that adjusts to the changing terrain to maintain a stable cabin orientation and ensure machine stability. The solution required force control and a closed loop response rate an order of magnitude better than is typical for mobile machinery.  The result is a reduction in operator training time and increased productivity.  The solution is also enabling completely new uses for the machine such as tele-operation for hazardous or remote environments.

Creating value together

We provide a low-risk, high reward path to an electric and automated future by working as collaborative partners with customers and best-in-class industry leaders.

Electrified Zero Emission Mobile Machinery

At Moog we believe that electrification, connectivity , and automation are interconnected themes that build upon each other. This idea has driven the design of Moog’s mobile machinery platform; built for a zero emission, increased productivity, and an always connected future. We collaborate with you to customize our platform to the unique needs of your machine— It’s how Moog helps get you to your future, faster.

Supporting zero Emission Initiatives

  • Electrification
  • Automation
  • Digital Connectivity

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