Get A Look At The Army's New Mobile Short Range Air Defense Vehicle

Jeff Martin walks us through IM-SHORAD capabilities.

Redstone Arsenal testing new air defense vehicle for the Army

The Arsenal was tasked with finding a way to attack growing threats in the air, including drones.

What is the next generation of short range air defense?

Leonardo DRS is integrating the mission equipment package for the IM-SHORAD, which consists of a Moog Reconfigurable Integrated Weapons Platform (RIwP) turret.

AUSA 2019: IM-SHORAD paves the way for rapid prototyping efforts

With General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) showcasing the Initial Maneuver Short-Range Air Defence (IM-SHORAD) Stryker solution for the first time at AUSA the effort demonstrates how rapid prototyping is becoming a key capability in itself for the US Army.

Army Vehicle Upgrades Could Benefit From a Common Remote Weapons Station

The Army’s plans to develop a new Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle and combat robots have dominated the public discussion of how the Army is going to replace the venerable Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Yet, the Army is making great strides in making the rest of its armored fighting vehicle fleets more capable. A new variant of the Abrams main battle tank and a replacement for the M-113 are entering production.

Talking additive manufacturing and hydraulics with Moog

In several recent articles and our Fluid Power Handbook, we discussed the growing use of 3D printing in fluid power, particularly for use in valves and manifolds. Recently, we learned about Moog’s additive manufacturing capabilities. The company has its own additive manufacturing centers, with 12 LPB metal machines. Moog also specializes in non-metal (AM) printing with close to 10 machines that are capable of a range of plastic materials. For the last 10 years, Moog has been designing, producing, inspecting and providing post processing through its R&D center, a metrology and material analysis lab and stress reliefheat treat ovens.

How 3D Printing Is Changing Production Models

No matter how technologies change, or what new innovations break into the mainstream, the basic goals of manufacturing remain the same: Reduce unplanned downtime, reduce costs, eliminate unnecessary waste, etc. How fortunate it is that 3D printing (a.k.a. additive manufacturing) is one of those cool, innovative technologies that is finding itself a very nice spot in the realm of day-to-day cost and time savings.

Moog Listed in Defense News Top 100 for 2019

Defense News publishes its annual survey of the world's top 100 defense companies.

Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM): Enabling a New Emerging Technology

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is beginning to revolutionize production technology on a global scale. The AM sector has shifted from prototyping tools to overall manufacturing of various products and enhancing product quality. Companies are installing more AM machines to better control the move from development learning project to full production of AM parts.