4 Channel 400 Point Modular Parison Controller for Blow Molding Machines

Moog recently introduced its latest solution for blow molding called the 4 Channel 400 Point Modular Parison Controller with an advanced software platform. The new controller allows blow molding machine manufacturers to control multiple heads and more points with less material consumption and reduced scrap. It is flexible enough to use on electric, hydraulic, continuous extrusion, or accumulator machines.

The 4 Channel 400 Point Modular Parison Controller can be used on most models of blow molding machines without having to modify its software, making it easy for operators to configure a machine in minutes. The fully featured menu and the VGA resolution color LCD allow the software to be readily used by any operator. It has a rotary control knob for a rapid and accurate set-up of functions and easy navigation with a limited number of keys. The operator also has access to LEDs to continuously monitor the main states of the machine.

In addition to the well-known features of Moog’s proven Parison Controllers, the 4 Channel 400 Point Modular Parison Controller offers the following improvements:

  • 4 independent channels
  • From 10 points up to 400 points parison profile
  • The number of analog and digital markers equal to the profile points
  • Modular structure allows the operator to easily add other features such as connectivity, additional I/O, and others
  • Customizable software and hardware architectures
  • Ability to easily add open-loop control for hydraulic and electric blow pin velocity and positioning, and temperature
  • Next generation equipment with TFT color LCD for an easy data type identification
  • Removable memory for recipes (calibration and process data)
  • Multilanguage support (Asian and European languages)