Launch Vehicle Actuators

Moog has substantial history flying three actuation technologies - electromechanical, electrohydraulic and electrohydrostatic - for all stages of a rocket. Actuators can be combined with controllers for a thrust vector control (TVC) system solution.



Electromechanical Actuators

Electromechanical (EM) actuation is a proven solution in challenging space applications. In-house manufacturing of core building blocks - actuators, controllers, servodrives, and servomotors - are contained in sophisticated actuation systems. Moog provides specialized or off-the-shelf solutions to meet customers' needs.

Programs: Castor 30, Centaur

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Modular Linear Electromechanical Actuators

Moog has developed a line of Electromechanical Actuators (EMAs) designed to be rugged for harsh environments. The Commercial EMAs are capable of covering a range of performance characteristics with configurable design parameters.

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Electrohydraulic Actuators

Electrohydraulic (EH) actuators produce force by a hydraulic power unit (HPU), which includes electric motors, pumps, reservoirs, relief valves, check valves, and associated plumbing. Power is transmitted via hydraulic fluid from the HPU to the individual actuators installed at the point of force application. Linear EH actuators incorporate an electrohydraulic servovalve to convert very low current input signals into very precise changes in fluid flow to the extend and retract ports of a hydraulic cylinder. A pistor and rod in the hydraulic cylinder provide the linear motion. The control loop is typically closed by employing some form of linear position sensor.

Programs: NASA Ares Upper Stage, Orbital Antares First Stage

Electrohydrostatic Actuators

Electrohydrostatic (EHA) actuators offer highly reliable, two-fault tolerant steering control solutions. With EHA actuation, the motor works through gears and the output of a pump directly actuates a conventional hydraulic piston. EHA actuation is being considered for steering controls on future man-rated space vehicles.

Programs: Common EHA

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