Space Actuators

From small launchers to NASA’s Space Launch System, which is the most powerful rocket ever built, our team has extensive experience to design, develop, and manufacture your components, subsystems, and integrated systems that will assist your journey to space.



Launch Vehicles

Moog has substantial history flying three actuation technologies - electromechanical, electrohydraulic and electrohydrostatic - for all stages of a rocket. Actuators can be combined with controllers for a thrust vector control (TVC) system solution.

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Spacecraft Mechanisms

Moog's actuators have dominated all aspects of the exploration of the outer planets, flying to the moon and to every NASA planetary target. Heritage, assured reliability, and technical expertise are the hallmarks of Moog products for spacecraft and launch vehicle actuation. Moog provides solutions for commercial, military and scientific applications.

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Missile Systems

Moog provides precision steering controls for the missiles market through the application of industry leading products such as fin control actuation as well as divert and attitude control thruster valves. 

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