L3S and L3SK Linear Motors


The Moog air-cooled L3S and liquid-cooled L3SK flat linear motors are designed for highly dynamic applications. L3S and L3SK motors are three-phase, synchronous, linear iron core motors, which are supplied in the form of active parts (built-in motors). Their primary part is formed by a ferromagnetic stack, composed of laminations and a three-phase winding inserted into its slots. This primary part is excited by permanent magnets in the secondary part, which are placed in a standard, static arrangement and used as a magnet way.

Both the L3S motor series and its liquid-cooled variant, the L3SK, offer some of the largest power ranges in the industry, with standard models delivering continuous rated force values ranging from 150 to 7,500 N for the L3S series and 300 to 12,000 N for the L3SK series, when using water as a cooling agent. Additionally, the air-cooled L3S series can be loaded with forces and currents substantially higher than those produced at nominal speeds. In comparison, the liquid-cooled L3SK series has almost double the force and output power of its air-cooled counterpart (L3S), although the dimensions remain the same. Yet another advantage of the L3SK series is its ability to operate at higher ambient temperatures.

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  • Designed for highly dynamic applications
  • High force overload capacity (L3S)
  • High values of continuous force (L3SK)
  • High quality production
  • High precision assembly
  • Long life and high operational reliability 


  • Great positioning precision
  • Highly customizable
  • High force density
  • Different winding options available


Dimensions Measuring Unit L3S Linear Motors L3SK Linear Motors
Peak Force Fmax N 400–15,750
Rated Speed VNC m/s 0–8 0–8
Continuous Force FNC (IC410) N 150–7,500
Continuous Force FWC (ICW37) N 300–12,000
Temperature Monitoring PTC, PT1000,
PTC, PT1000,
Rated Bus Voltage V DC V 140, 330, 560, 700 140, 330, 560, 700
Certificate / Marks CE CE
Cooling Air Water**

**The standard cooling agent for LS3K linear motors is water. However, different types of coolants (e.g. oils, antifreeze mixtures, etc.) with varying temperature ranges are available upon request.


The modular design of both linear motor series supports a variety of options. In addition, Moog can provide completely customized solutions, including:

  • Winding and special insulation options for systems designed for...Winding and special insulation options for systems designed for...
  • different force constants (from about 40 to 1,000 N/A)
  • different intermediate circuit voltages (140 V, 330 V, 560 V, 700 V DC)
  • Increased IP ratings
  • air-cooled linear motor with increased IP rating is the L7S model
  • liquid-cooled counterpart is the L7SK.
  • Position of outlet cables can be modified*

*Changing position of outlet cables may cause outer dimensions of motors to differ from those in the catalog