Linear Motors Overview

Moog's linear motors come in various configuration options and offer dynamic, precise linear motion positioning for robotics, factory automation, processing, packaging, test and simulation and other industrial applications. 

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L3S and L3SK Flat Linear Motors

Moog's air-cooled L3S and liquid-cooled L3SK flat linear motors are designed for highly dynamic applications and are supplied in the form of active parts (built-in motors). Along with customizable options to fit your requirements, they offer some of the industry's largest power ranges, with standard models delivering continuous rated force values ranging from 150 to 7,500 N for the L3S series and 300 to 12,000 N for the L3SK.

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LNS Flat Linear Motors

Moog’s LNS series of ironless flat linear motors is designed for highly dynamic applications. The LNS series features synchronous linear motors, supplied in the form of active parts (built-in motors). Its use of non-ferromagnetic material makes the primary part of the motor conveniently lightweight and highly efficient, with essentially no reluctant force (zero cogging) and no pulsation of forces of attraction.

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Legacy Products

Legacy products refer to Moog's end-of-life offerings that are not to be used for new projects.

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