HD Servo Motor Family HD Series


The HD series servo motors are permanent magnet brushless servo motors that stand out for their extremely high level of performance and high acceleration.

These motors are available in a wide range of sizes, with nominal torque from 2 Nm to 909 Nm and peak torques from 11 Nm to 2,089 Nm. This wide range of continuous and peak performance, combined with an excellent dynamic response, makes this HD series suitable for various applications.

The HD series has the capability to incorporate special windings to optimize the performance. The motors can also be equipped with resolvers, different types of encoders, along with brakes. The modular construction of the motor enables it to be offered with customized shafts and flanges.

The wide range, modular construction, combined with the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing applications, helps reduce the need for redesign: thereby redefining the possibility for greater flexibility and reliability.

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  • AC Servo Motor (Synchronous)
  • Available with special feedback systems 
  • Natural, Fan, and liquid cooling
  • Special windings available


  • High dynamics
  • Exceptional power density
  • Optimum reliability 
  • High level of overloadability and high acceleration speeds
  • Extraordinary power/mass ratio with the liquid-cooled version
  • Flexible and modular design



Dimensions Measuring Unit HD Brushless Servo Motor
Continuous Stall Torque M° Nm [lb-in] 2.91-996
Peak Torque Mmax Nm [lb-in] 69338
Rated Speed nN min-1 [rpm] 6000-500
Moment of Inertia J Kg cm2
[lb-insec2 x 10-4]
3.40-1985 [48-28233]
Position Transducer Standard
2-pole resolver
Absolute single-turn and multi-turn encoder
Temperature Monitoring N/A PTC
Brake N/A Optional
Rated Bus Voltage VDC V 565
Certificate / Marks N/A CE, UL/cUL
Cooling N/A Natural, Fan, Liquid