Propulsion Systems and Subsystems

Subsystems supplied by Moog connect critical parts of a propulsion system. Subsystems support chemical, electric and cold gas propulsion systems.



Electric and Cold Gas Propulsion Systems

Moog provides many electric propulsion system components that can be integrated into subsystems as to control propellant flow to the thrusters, overall feed system control and regulation, or a combination of both often called: Common names include: Propellant Management Assembly (PMA), Xenon Flow Controller (XFC), Proportional Xenon Feed System (PXFS), Xenon Control Assembly (XCA), Flow Control Unit (FCU), and Proportional Xenon Flow Assembly (PXFA) depending on the customer.

Missions: AEHF, Deep Space-1, DAWN, Plegpay, GOCE, BepiColombo, SmallGEO (SGEO), LS1300, 702 XIPS, TacSat-2

Pressure Management Assembly

The Pressure Management Assembly (PMA) is a single fault tolerant, parallel redundant branch regulation assembly that stabilizes and controls xenon inlet pressure to a downstream, low pressure flow control device. 

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Commercial Feed System for Spacecraft Applications (New Space)

Moog has a modular single string and redundant commercial feed system that is ideal for spacecraft applications requiring electric propulsion. 

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Pressure Regulation Assembly

The 50-1451 Pressure Regulation Assembly (PRA) is a fully welded stainless steel assembly consisting of two proportional flow control valves (PFCVs) in parallel, and one high pressure and two low pressure transducers.

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Xenon Flow Controller

The 50-1412 high pressure Xenon Flow Controller (XFC) is a fully welded stainless steel assembly consisting of three components (Flow Control Valve – FCV, Proportional Flow Control Valve – PFCV, Latch Valve – LV) and three orifices mounted to a flight plate.

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Chemical Propulsion Systems

Propulsion systems are used for satellite and missile attitude control applications. Moog engineers specialize in rapid development and have built one-of-a-kind monopropellant and dual mode systems for upper stages and target vehicles. Areas of expertise include thermal and structural system analysis, flow analysis, dynamic testing of propellant loaded systems and system hot fire at altitude.

Missions: Galileo (ENSS), ORBCOMM Generation 2 (OG2), Landsat 8 (LDCM), Fermi (GLAST), PRISMA, multiple missile defense applications.