Spacecraft Propulsion Components

Moog provides reliable components and subsystems for chemical, electric and cold gas propulsion systems. Our products can accommodate small satellites to large GEO satellites.




Isolation Latch and Solenoid Valves

Isolation Valves, Monopropellant, Single Seat, Latching Solenoid and Normally Closed Solenoid


These valve designs have been used in various space propulsion and operational systems in support of planetary and GEO satellite applications

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Torque Motor Latch Valve

This TRL 9 high pressure latch valve is a single line, bi-stable, titanium torque motor valve, featuring integral microswitch position indication, inlet filter, and back EMF suppression diodes.

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Single Line Isolation Latch Valves

 These valves can be used for controlling propellants and pressurization gasses. The latch valves are bi-stable, and will stay in the last (open/closed) commanded position.

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Dual Line Isolation Latch Valves

 This valve design utilizes a single torque motor and command signal to control two separate, hermetically sealed pressurant or propellent lines.

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Thruster Valves

Bipropellant Torque Motor Thruster Valves

Moog Torque Motor thruster valves have been in production for almost four decades. T/M thruster valves were originally developed for the original Galileo spacecraft and for Minuteman II and III engines.

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Bipropellant Solenoid Thruster Valves

Moog has a family of rolling metal diaphragm (RMD) tanks that are fabricated from commercially available aluminum alloys, providing a low-cost, lightweight, reliable alternative to titanium propellant tanks.

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Monopropellant Solenoid Thruster Valves

Chemical Thruster Valves Bipropellant, Torque Motor, Single and Redundant Seat

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Regulators and Flow Control Valves

Electric Propulsion Proportional Flow Control Valve (PFCV)

The 51E339 Proportional Flow Control Valve (PFCV) is an all welded, normallyclosed, solenloid-type valve that can provide outlet flow control or pressure regulation in proportion to the input current, within its operating range.

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Helium Regulator Pneumatic Pressure Regulator

Moog model 50-1425 pressure regulator is a series-redundant unit designed to provide stable tank pressure for propellant in a spacecraft propulsion system. 

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Mechanical Regulators

The PMA and XIPS regulators were developed based on experience from the Pluto Fast Fly-By Mission and ROSAT programs.

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Service Valves

Fill and Drain Service Valves

These mechanically operated valves are opened/ closed by rotating an actuation nut. The ground connection is a standard AN-style fitting that can be attached prior to operating the valve.

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Fluid Transfer Couplings

Fluid Transfer Coupling (FTC)

The Moog Fluid Transfer Coupling (FTC) Is a stainless steel, two piece design using passive and active halves to secure fluid connection and sealing.  Connection of the two halves will open the flow path after the sealing engagement is established.  

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Rolling Metal Diaphragm Tanks

Rolling Metal Diaphragm Tanks


Moog – ISP’s rolling diaphragm tanks are fabricated from commercially available aluminum alloys providing a low-cost short leadtime alternative to titanium propellant tanks. The tanks are easily sized to meet customer specifications and are individually designed to meet pressure, temperature, and flow requirements.

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