High Force and Fast Speed Linear Actuators

These High Force and Fast Speed Linear Actuators use a ball screw to translate the rotary motion of a brushless DC motor to linear output motion. The torque transmitted to the ball screw is amplified through a gear transmission. Each motor is a 3-phase, multi-pole, permanent magnet, brushless DC design. Position is monitored through a linear potentiometer integrated into each of the units. The linear actuators have integrated non-jamming stops at the full extend and full-retract positions. Thermistors, heaters, or thermostats can easily be incorporated into these designs.


Key Features:

  • High Speed and high force linear actuators
  • High precision ball screw drive provides extra fine resolution linear movement
  • Incorporates 3-phase BLDC motors
  • Low backlash < 0.010 inch
  • High axial stiffness
  • Spherical ball rod ends







Model Model-S Model-R Model-N Model-F

Resolution (inch)

0.00047 0.00094 0.0008 0.00094
Stroke (inch)  5.50 4.64 0.870 3.675
Operating Temperature Range -50C to 80C -50C to 80C -50C to 80C -50C to 80C
Mass 16.5 lbs 18.2 lbs 3.9 lbs 18.0 lbs
Force @ Maximum Speed 3,500 lbf @ 1.10 in/sec 2,000 lbf @ 4.67 in/sec 180 lbf @ 0.540 in/sec 2,200 lbf @ 3.80 in/sec
Maximum Force 4,670 lbf @ 0.25 in/sec 5,200 lbf @ 0.47 in/sec 500 lbf @ 0.110 in/sec 3,250 lbf @ 0.89 in/sec
Maximum Backlash and Hysteresis 0.010 inch 0.010 inch 0.010 inch 0.010 inch
Maximum Current 20 A 30 A 30 A 30 A
Axial Stiffness 295,000 lb/in 295,000 lb/in 25,000 lb/in 295,000 lb/in



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