Cryogenic Fine Positioning Linear Actuator

The Cryogenic Fine Positioning Actuator product is designed to produce very small linear output steps using conventional actuator technology. Actuation is accomplished by using a small angle stepper motor coupled to a large gear reduction transmission. The linear excursion is accomplished with a fine preloaded leadscrew mechanism to eliminate backlash.



Key Features:

  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Redundant, 3-phase stepper motor
  • High gear ratio gear transmission
  • Sealed bellows assembly at the output
  • Drive components based on existing heritage hardware
  • Designed to operate in Cryogenic space environment
  •  Pre loaded 2 piece output member


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 1.4 in. diameter and < 6.6 in. length


< 1.2 lbs
Range of Travel 0.45 inch

Position Accuracy

47 micro inches over 7200 linear steps
Linear Resolution 17 micro-inches
Linear Velocity 0.0035 inch/sec (nominal)
Physical Characteristics
Power Consumption 8 watts max.

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