SL-OMV Space Vehicle Tug

Small Launch Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle

SL-OMV is a Propulsive Tug product family used for a variety of CubeSat missions in LEO. SL-OMV is ideal for rideshare/multi-manifest or other disaggregated mission types. SL-OMV leverages the same core avionics from Moog’s Space Vehicle family that have been demonstrated in missions from LEO to the Moon. The green propellant propulsion system provides enough capability for several different missions including deploying CubeSats in multiple orbits. The simple and robust carbon fiber composite structure is mass optimized for small launch vehicles. SL-OMV can be used as a hosted payload platform further expanding the mission types.


Key Features

  • Avionics leveraging Moog’s BRE440™ Rad-Hard CPU
  • LEO missions
  • Flexible flight software is payload and mission configurable
  • Green propellant propulsion system
  • Single string butlayered GNC sensor suite provides resiliency
  • Designed for Venture Class Launch Vehicles


Characteristic Performance / interfaces


400 to 700 km
Orbital Range < 1 years (based on propellant usage)
Mission Life 70 kg Bus Dry Mass
Bus Mass 72 kg
Bus Volume Ø40” x 25” Tall with Ø24” launch vehicle interface
Orbital Position Knowledge <5 m
Pointing Accuracy +/- 1 deg for deployments, +/- 10 deg for Sun Pointing
Velocity Accuracy 0.1 m/s
Delta-V Up to 200 m/s (varies with mission)
Payload Interfaces (Mechanical) 6x 6U CubeSats - Containerized
6x12U CubeSats – No Container
Payload Mass 6x 12 kg (+ 3.4 kg per Container)


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