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Moog Rekofa 

For more than 100 years, the name Rekofa has successfully represented innovative transmission technologies. Today, Moog Rekofa develops, manufactures and sells slip ring assemblies for the transmission of power and data signals from stationary to an endless rotating component, both contacting and non-contacting.

Our high-quality standard products and innovative solutions are developed to meet individual customer requirements and used worldwide in more than 60 different applications in a wide range of industries. Our experienced professionals offer reliable service from planning to implementation and maintenance. In 2017, Moog Rekofa, with headquarters in Antweiler/Ahr, Germany, became a part of the Industrial Group within Moog Inc.




Rekofa has been designing and manufacturing current transfer systems for more than 100 years. These systems are distributed globally from its headquarters in Antweiler. Refoka's products are used wherever there needs to be continuously rotating transfer of currents, data and media to a stationary component.

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  • Rotary Unions
  • Hybrid Rotary Solutions
  • Signal and Data Transmission
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  • Contactless Solutions (Fiber Optics)
  • Industrial Carbon Brushes
  • Slip Ring Collectors 



Moog Rekofa Celebrates 100 Years



Discover Our High Reliability Wind Solutions

Watch members of Moog's wind team, Steve Black, Fabian Goeden and Adan Cabrera, display Moog's latest offerings including our newest wind turbine slip ring solutions from Moog Rekofa and condition monitoring for slip rings, at AWEA 2019.