Commercial - Industrial Slip Rings

Moog's slip rings have been successfully performing in commercial and industrial applications for over 60 years. These products are developed for high performance environments and flexible requirements. Typical applications include camera systems, robotics, packaging machines, medical equipment and a wide range of automation systems. 

Our slip rings are aggressively priced, available for fast delivery and are designed for tough commercial, industrial and military environments.


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Compact Slip Ring Capsules

Our economical, compact slip ring capsule family allows tremendous flexibility in dealing with systems size requirements when larger versions are not an option.

Ethernet Slip Rings

Our ethernet slip ring solutions have been developed to provide reliable products to allow transfer of the Ethernet and high definition transmission through a rotating interface.

High Speed Slip Ring Capsules

High speed slip rings are used in applications up to 10,000 rpm. Fiber brush contacts provide long-life and operation up to 10,000 rpm without the need for cooling equipment.

Large Diameter Slip Rings

Large diameter slip rings represent the union of manufacturing processes and technologies that enable Moog to offer large, high volume slip rings with advanced features that are cost effective.

Slip Rings with Through Bores

Our through-bore slip rings feature our fiber brush technology which offers advantages over conventional slip ring technology including multiple points of contact force per fiber and low contact wear rates.

Construction Slip Rings


Our slip rings are designed for construction machinery and used in demanding applications where transmission of high voltage, high currents and high vibration is required.

Legacy Products

Legacy products refer to Moog's end-of-life offerings that are not to be used for new projects.

Learn More About Ethernet Slip Rings

Watch this video for key information on ethernet and high definition slip rings.