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UH-60 Black Hawk® Military Global Sustainment

Moog is the OEM for a number of different systems on the UH-60 Helicopter.  Our main flight controls include the Pitch Trim Actuator, Vibration Control Actuation System and Hydraulic Accumulator.  As the OEM supplier for UH-60, Moog is also the logical choice for follow-on product support. Our repair and overhaul facilities are staffed, maintained and stocked to satisfy turnaround time requirements. These resources allow Moog to provide an unsurpassed level of support to our customers worldwide. 



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Pitch Trim Actuation

The UH-60 utilizes a Moog, Pitch Trim Actuator as part of the overall helicopter flight controls.  A Pilot’s force input at the stick is mechanically transferred to the input linkage of the Pitch Trim Actuator. The input linkage is connected to the output linkage through the Boost Actuator, which multiplies the pilot’s input force.  Movements at the output linkages are mechanically transferred to the main rotor of the aircraft. Trim functionality is controlled by the Pilot’s signal input, which will command either the Pitch Trim Actuator to hold a specific position, therefore trimming the main rotor in the corresponding direction.

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Vibration Control Actuation System

The UH-60 utilizes our Vibration Control Actuation System (VCAS). This system replaces traditional passive systems by measuring vibration levels at key locations in the aircraft and applying cancellation forces in an equal and opposite direction. The VCAS system adjusts these forces as the aircraft maneuvers and as payloads change thereby increasing overall efficiency. This also results in reducing airframe fatigue, pilot fatigue and overall maintenance costs.


Self-Displacing Accumulator

The SDA (self-displacing accumulator) provides hydraulic pressure to the APU (auxiliary power unit) motor used to start the two engines. It consists of high-pressure hydraulic fluid and dry nitrogen chambers separated by a piston, and a low-pressure hydraulic fluid chamber (reservoir) containing a second piston connected to the first piston. A mechanical tape attached to the piston rod indicates high-pressure chamber volume from 0 (discharged) to 100% (fully charged). After motor start the hydraulic fluid is circulated, or returned back to the reservoir (self-displacement). 

Avionics Offerings

Genesys Aerosystems is a Moog company, facilitating our avionics product line.


Glass Upgrade - IDU-680 Displays

Lightest, most comprehensive, integrated Electronic Flight Instrument System enhances safety, reduces pilot workload, and increases mission flexibilty.

Features include:

• Redundant ADAHRS attitude source (replaces legacy attitude sensors)
Redundant GPS/SBAS receivers
• Dual NAV/COM radios
• Integrated radio/audio management
• Mode S ADS-B compliant transponder
• Weather radar control and display
• Built-in support/interfaces for FLIR, Satcom, DF, HF, UHF, TACAN, Datalink, SELCAL, tactical radios, etc.


IFR Autopilot Upgrade - GRC™ 3000

Delivers safety and workload reduction benefits with fully coupled autopilot and stability augmentaion in a compact lightweight package.

Features include:

• Lightweight, weighs less than 30 pounds (14 kg)
• Daramatically reduced pilot workload
• Safer, more confident command, even under demanding conditions
• Autopilot fully-coupled to FMS, GPS, and navigation radios
• IFR HeliSAS is designed for three-axis (pitch, roll and yaw) autopilot configuration for IFR use. IFR HeliSAS can work in conjuction with the exiting SAS system to add upper mode capability.


EICAS Upgrade

Provides customizable full engine indication and crew alerting system, replacing outdated gauges and annunciators.

Features include:

• Color graphical presentation, reducing cockpit workload
• Enhances safety
• Warning and Caution messages are tailored to eliminate incorrect interpretation
• Exceedence log recording


ADAHRS Only Upgrade

Replaces the legacy attitude source that poses reliability, obsolescense, and cost challenges for operators. An ADAHRS upgrade provide the necessary interace that drives the stability augmentation system and existing panel attitude indicators. This upgrade is a standalone solution for aircraft, replacing and modernizing legacy equipment without the requirement to upgrade to a full avionics suite.

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