Control Loading Systems

Moog control loading solutions range from basic flight training to high fidelity full flight simulation that meet the highest level of certification from the JAA, FAA and military equivalents worldwide. Typical set-ups include a base frame, interconnecting linkages, replica controls and integrated control loading hardware and software.

Our unique model-follower force-loop technology provides the technical foundation for all our systems. Combined with highly responsive electric actuators and sophisticated software models, this technology provides the highest fidelity control loading anywhere. All actuators are based on brushless permanent magnet servomotors and digital control electronics for smooth, reliable performance. 

We offer an extensive range of high-performance linear and rotary actuators designed for the specific application needs of primary and secondary controls.


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Electric Rotary Control Loaders High Dynamic

Electric Rotary Control Loaders High Dynamic are based on high torque servomotors in a direct-drive set-up and capable of generating output torque of up to 200 Nm continuously for high-fidelity requirements. Depending on the required output torque, four models are available.

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Electric Rotary Control Loaders Medium Dynamic

The Electric Rotary Control Loaders Medium Dynamic is meant for primary and secondary controls. They provide medium torque and velocity, as well as motor/gearbox combinations capable of generating an output torque of up to 100 Nm continuously.

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Control Force Measurement Kit

Facilitates accurate force-position and dynamic response measurement of aircraft and simulator flight controls. Comparison of the aircraft and simulator measurements shows how well the simulator matches the aircraft.

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Electric Linear Control Loaders

Recommended for heavily-loaded primary controls, these actuators are compact motor-ballscrew combinations capable of generating an output force of up to 2,400 N continuously.


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