Energy Management System (DE2020)


The Moog DE2020 energy management module improves the efficiency of any machine and allows for a leaner and more cost-effective electrical layout. During the regular load phase, a capacitor bank is pre-charged carefully and a certain remaining capacity is retained. 
The DE2020 meets peak loads by drawing energy from the capacitor bank, while using the energy gains from braking processes and mechanical inertia to recharge the capacitors by means of recuperation. Thus, the capacitors are ready for the next peak load. This helps increase overall energy savings and, more importantly, allows for an overall smarter electrical design of the machine.

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Among other advantages, there is a significant reduction in the dimensions of the electrical panel (reduced by 50% compared to non-optimized systems) and of the cable sections necessary to allow the currents to flow (with consequent savings in wiring costs).

Furthermore, this system can also be used to compensate for fluctuations of the mains, using a pre-filter in combination with the capacitor bank, reducing the risk of electrical malfunctions, while simultaneously increasing safety in the event of a power failure, as it can supply the system with enough energy to reach a safe-stop position.