Flight Control Actuation

Moog is the technology leader in flight control actuation with the broadest base of capability available in the market. With extensive experience in all forms of actuation technology, we are uniquely qualified to approach each application from a technology-neutral perspective. This ensures that our customers receive unbiased trade studies to design the best overall solution.

With an unrivaled mix of system and component expertise, we are uniquely qualified to create solutions optimized around the customer's goals for performance, weight, reliability, and cost.

With a legacy of proven performance, we are positioned on nearly every aircraft in the market, supplying reliable actuation systems that are highly supportable and add significant value to our customers.

Primary Flight Controls

Customized fly-by-wire or full power-by-wire solutions available in simplex, dual, triplex and quad redundant designs.

Secondary Flight Control

A comprehensive range of electrohydraulic, electrohydrostatic and electromechanical actuation solutions to best meet your application requirements.

Maneuvering Leading Edge

High-reliability geared mechanical systems for high-performance aircraft.

High Lift Control

Complete leading and trailing edge solutions including power drives, geared rotary or linear mechanical actuation, interconnects, and accessories.