Aircraft Actuation Systems

Our fully integrated systems include all actuation, control, power drive and system software. With an unrivaled mix of system and component expertise, we are uniquely qualified to create solutions optimized around the customer's goal for performance, weight, reliability and cost.

With a legacy of proven performance, we are positioned on nearly every aircraft in the market, supplying reliable actuation systems that are highly supportable and add significant value to our customers.

Moog is the world leader in flight control and utility actuation systems for civil and military aircraft. Our offering extends from fully integrated systems to discrete product solutions, with a specialization in the following applications:

Aircraft Actuation Systems Categories

Flight Control Systems


Custom actuation solutions for primary and secondary flight control including high lift, horizontal stabilizer trim, and autopilots.

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Engine Controls


Actuators and actuation control products for civil and military aircraft engines.


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Vibration Control Actuation


High power density actuators for active vibration control.


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Weapons Bay Door Drive


Geared rotary and linear mechanical actuators, power drives, interconnects, and accessories for reliable control of weapon bay doors.

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Utility Actuation


Custom-tailored and off-the-shelf solutions for utility actuation.

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