A Leap Ahead in Realism and Simulation Capabilities

The Moog G-Seat is a further development of the experience our team of experts has gained in motion cueing.

Our G-Seats feature the same high-fidelity controllers and user-friendly interfaces as Moog motion and control loading systems. Each is designed in close collaboration with our customers to ensure compliance with the demanding performance specifications of high-end training simulation.

Unique Features

At the heart of the G-Seat solution is an all-digital design that interfaces to the host via ethernet and features several innovative control algorithms to increase cueing fidelity.

The Moog G-Seat can have up to nine moving elements in its seat bucket, seat pan, back-pad, shoulder harness and seat belt. All elements are driven by high response brushless dc electric motors.

The cueing system is designed to provide motion cues in all three translational axes. Seat pan rotation and differentiated harness tensioning are also available.

G-seat solutions cover a variety of key applications including:

  • Fighter
  • Helicopter
  • Vibration seats
  • Anti G-suit systems

Moog G-seats offer advantages including:

  • Highest levels of fidelity
  • Tailored design to meet any customer specifications and simulation requirements
  • High-quality controllers and components for smooth, reliable performance


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