BS17 High Performance Brushless DC Motors

Silencer® Series BS17 high energy brushless DC motors utilize high energy sintered rare earth magnets, yielding a compact motor with high power density, high efficiency and a high torque / volume ratio. In addition, high power and high efficiency, quality bearing systems and precision rotor balancing makes for smooth and quiet operation. These characteristics make the motor ideal for battery powered medical applications, high power density actuators, pumps, blowers and compressors. Machine wound stators provide economy yet allow this high energy motor to replace more expensive brushless DC servo motors.

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  • High energy sintered neodyminum magnets
  • High efficiency
  • 8 pole inside rotor construction - high acceleration
  • Compact size - excellent torque to volume ratio
  • Precision bearings
  • Balanced rotors (depending upon rotor configuration)
  • Safe, arcless operation
  • Precision machined aluminum housings and end caps
  • High quality stainless steel shaft


  • Precise, variable speed - adjustable via drive electronics
  • Linear speed / torque characteristics
  • Long life, no brushes to replace and no commutator to wear out
  • Low noise / low vibration, smooth and quiet operation
  • High torque per dollar ratio


  • Portable oxygen concentrators
  • Mobility and patient assist
  • Medical pumps and compressors
  • Laboratory centrifuges
  • Commercial / military actuators
  • Robotics
  • Packaging equipment