Brushless Motors Overview - Powers below 900W

Moog offers a comprehensive selection of high performance brushless motors and servomotors used in a wide variety of applications, including medical, office automation, packaging, industrial, aerospace and defense.


Brushless Motors for Industrial/Medical/Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS)


Inside Rotor Brushless DC motors - Silencer Series.

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Direct Drive Brushless DC Torque Motors for Aerospace/Defense

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Moog's direct drive brushless frameless motors are designed to operate over a range of speeds for a wide variety of applications.

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Limited Rotation Motors for Aerospace/Defense

Limited rotation sectional torque motors are unique motion components that can be used to control or move elements that only require limited rotation. These devices provide very linear torque and high acceleration. They are ideal for limited movement applications where space is critical, no room for a full sized round motor.

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Toroidally Wound Brushless DC Motors for Aerospace/Defense

The TD motors are used in applications that require limited angle rotation with a constant torque throughout the excursion angle. The TD motors consists of a wide range of sizes, outside diameters from 0.6 to over 5 inches (15.24 to 127 mm).

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Integrated Motors

Moog has expanded its motion solutions by adding a line of highly programmable integrated motors.

SmartMotor™ - from 60W to 615W

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Moog Animatics provides leading edge technology that integrates a motor, encoder, amplifier, controller, RS232/RS485 communications and IOs. The SmartMotor now features optional Combitronic technology.

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DI2020 Drive-Integrated Servo Motor

Servo control integrated on board of a high efficiency brushless motor. Allows great machine design freedom and to significantly reduce wiring and cabinet space.

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Custom Solutions

Custom brushless motors and control systems

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Moog solves OEM motion control problems by utilizing its engineering capability to design and manufacture innovative products including  permanent magnet brushless motors, DSP intensive controls and value added components. Contact Moog to discuss your application needs.

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