Meteor Space Vehicle Bus

Medium Class Spacecraft Bus

METEOR is a Medium Class Spacecraft Bus product family used for a variety of missions in LEO including High LEO (1000 to 1200 km). METEOR is ideal for pathfinder constellation missions or other disaggregated mission types. METEOR leverages the same core avionics from Moog’s Space Vehicle family that have been demonstrated in missions from LEO to the Moon. The hydrazine propulsion system provides enough capability for a controlled deorbit from High LEO. The relatively high thrust can be used for collision avoidance or other rapid orbit changes. The simple and robust all aluminum structure derived from Moog’s ESPA provides radiation shielding and can support a range of payload configurations.



Key Features:

  • Avionics leveraging Moog’s BRE440™ Rad-Hard CPU
  • LEO up to 1200 km with 2-5 year life
  • Flexible flight software is payload and mission configurable
  • High-thrust hydrazine propulsion system
  • 3-Axis stabilized platform with reaction wheels and torque rods
  • Single string but layered GNC sensor suite provides resiliency
  • Modular power system can be expanded as needed
  • Can be stacked or dual launch in NSSL-class launch vehicles


Characteristic Performance / interfaces


500 to 1200 km
Mission Life 2-5 years (depends on orbit) 
Radiation 25.5 kRad total dose with 0.200” Al shielding
Radiation Effects Availability due to SEU of >99% over 1 year
Example Payload Power
(Orbit and Mission Dependant)
~750 W OAP Payload Power
Bus Mass 650 kg Bus Dry Mass
Bus Volume Ø62” x 47” Tall
Orbital Position Knowledge <4 m
Attitude Knowledge Telemetry Accuracy <40 arc-sec (1 sigma)
Pointing Accuracy <60 arc-sec (1 sigma) 
Attitude (Pointing) Stability/Jitter Jitter < 10 arc-sec
Velocity Accuracy 0.1 m/s
Maximum Slew Rate 2.5 deg/sec
Maximum Slew Acceleration 0.003 deg/sec2 (point-to-point)
Delta-V >400 m/s (with 750 kg dry mass)
Payload Interfaces (Data)  2 x SpaceWire, 4xDiscretes, 1 x GPS 1PPS (via LVDS)
Payload Interfaces (Power 28 [25/33] VDC Unregulated Bus Voltage (multiple 1.2 A switches)
Payload Interfaces (Mechanical)  Ø62” (Top Mounted) or Multiple 42”x46”x56” (Port/Side Mounted)
Payload Mass 750 kg or more (Top Mounted) or up to 700 kg (Port/Side Mounted)



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