Become a Supplier to Moog

Moog is currently developing a limited, high performance supply base that will be able to produce high quality products on-time at a competitive price. Moog is interested in learning about your capabilities and how you will be able to meet our objectives.

Please review the information on to determine if your products or services might be applicable to Moog and if your company is capable of supporting our published requirements. If your company offers a new or distinct competitive advantage, please contact us by using the attached link.

Your information will be reviewed and where appropriate, forwarded to the responsible Buyer. Due to the volume of inquiries received, we will only be able to reply to those that are seen to have potential benefit to Moog.

  • Your response should include:
  • Company Name and contacts
  • Product or service offerings
  • Company overview, dimensions, capabilities
  • Quality system information / approvals
  • Unique competitive advantage
  • Link to your company web site



Please email your information to

Moog Electrohydrostatic Actuation System