Pitch Solutions for Reliability and High Performance

As governments and energy suppliers turn to ever larger and more powerful wind turbines in hostile onshore and offshore locations, efficient solutions that guarantee a high degree of reliability and operator safety must also be found for areas with lower or unsteady winds. 

Our answer: Facing the increasingly complex challenges with advanced pitch solutions by  improving turbine reliability and minimizing downtime. Moreover, reducing wind turbines’ Levelized Cost of Energy has become critical to success in today’s increasingly competitive power generation market.

Moog pitch solutions meet the latest demands of even the most advanced wind turbines. Moog is a leading provider of high reliable pitch solutions for wind turbines. In-depth system expertise combined with years of experience in the energy sector have made Moog the first choice among leading wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators.

Pitch Systems - Moog pitch systems deliver high reliability and ensures greater productivity through less maintenance-related downtime while reducing the levelized cost of energy.

Blade Sensing Systems - Dynamically adjust the pitch of each blade in real time to optimize the loading of the rotor.

Slip Ring Solutions - Moog rotating joints for wind power ensure reliable data and power transmission in both electric and hydraulic systems.

Moog Global Support - Wherever you are in the world, you can rest assured that the Moog team of experienced, trained technicians are there for you with the service, training and parts you need to keep your wind turbines performing at peak condition.

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  • Optimising pitch solutions for high reliability
  • Reducing LCoE
  • Protecting turbines from environmental hazards
  • Remote operations and comprehensive diagnostics
  • Extending operational life of the turbine



See how wind turbine Levelized Cost of Energy can substantially reduce through advanced pitch system design - a DNV GL finding: