Air Moving Products

Combining our expertise in thermal management with our innovative motor technology, Moog has expanded options for solving difficult thermal, airflow, acoustic and efficiency problems. As an optimum choice for each application, we are offering tailored airflow products that are designed using off-the-shelf components to provide a cost effective solution without compromising performance. We are dedicated to providing our customers with efficient, high-quality and on-target solutions.

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With our sheet metal capabilities, Moog's high performance blowers can be tailored to the application. From 1U slot blowers, high pressure multistage blowers, dual centrifugal blowers to radial wheel blowers, we have the experience to help with your specific project. 

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The ability to build electronic controls customized to the application means that the designer can select the exact combination of functions necessary to optimize the system.

  • AC or DC powered units
  • Redundant systems sensing speed to maintain overall airflow in case of fan failure
  • Speed synchronization for reduced noise
  • Watchdog circuitry
  • Digital communication, 1²C, RS23, RS485
  • Soft start and/or sequential start
  • Filter blockage sensing
  • Wide Input voltage compensation
  • Local and remote alarms
  • Thermal Speed Control
  • Conducted Noise Filtering




Our motorized impellers offer quiet, high pressure airflow in a compact versatile design. Designed for virtually any form factor, any bus voltage, our in-house electronic and sheet metal capabilities allow custom products to be used in cost-sensitive, extreme environment and confined space applications.


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Typical Applications

  • Medical Equipment
    - Ventilators
    - Particle Counters
    - Pressure Management Mattresses
  • Telecommunications
    - Data Storage/Servers
    - Electronic Rack Cooling
    - Power Backup Systems
  • Military Aircraft & Ground Vehicles
    - Scavenge Fans
    - NBC Filtration Fans
    - Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers


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