With our sheet metal capabilities, blowers can be tailored to the application. From 1U slot blowers, high pressure multistage blowers, dual centrifugal blowers to radial wheel blowers, we have the experience to help with your application. Our blowers are configurable with virtually any voltage, flow sensors and finger guards. Custom mounting flanges can be fabricated to fit your exact application. To learn more, simply contact our experts.

Choose the Blower Model That's Right For You

Model Size 
Inches (cm)
cfm (lpm)
Voltage Speed Control / Tach*
Moog AirMaxTM
5 dia. x 2.3
(127 x 58.42)
Up to 28 (71) H2O
Up to 50 (1416)
DC 12 - 24 Volts
0 - 5 or 0 - 10 Volts speed control

Moog AirMaxTM 

3.15 dia. x 2.1 (80.01 x 51.4)
Up to 54 (138) H2O
Up to 25 (708)
DC 24 Volts
0 - 5 Volts speed control

*Open collector Tach out 2 ppr

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Typical Applications

  • Pressure management mattresses
  • Large format printers
  • Vacuum systems
  • Low noise, high pressure applications
  • Medical ventilators
  • Smoke extraction