Fiber Optic Multiplexing

Moog multiplexers are designed to provide reliable fiber optic transmission of video and data signals in the demanding subsea applications, robust defense systems, and other platforms operating in a harsh environments.


The Focal™ multiplexer product line offers a range of time division multiplexers (TDM) and wave division multiplexers (WDM). These multiplexing techniques can be used to simplify optical transmission systems and reduce cost, improve reliability, reduce weight and enhance performance. Serving harsh subsea, marine and industrial environments, Focal offers the following types of multiplexer systems:

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Moog Protokraft

Moog Protokraft designs and manufactures high-speed optoelectronic components and communication subsystems for use in harsh environment networking equipment applications. Serving industrial, commercial, marine, aerospace, and defense applications, Moog Protokraft offers a variety of solutions, including:

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The Prizm™ multiplexer product line offers a variety of custom and standard mutliplexer solutions. These products are often used in demanding applications, such as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), industrial automation equipment, explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) and ruggedized defense. Prizm offers:

  • Video 3 Multiplexers
  • Mini 4 Multiplexers
  • MiniMux 2 Multiplexers
  • Mini4 and MiniMux 2 Daughterboards
  • MicroMux Multiplexers
  • Media Converters

Discontinuation of Prizm™ Multiplexer Line
Effective October 1, 2017

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