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Miniature Actuation for High Performance Motorsport

Miniature products and solutions designed for use in motorsport, including Formula 1, where high performance solutions and minimized size and weight are required.


Products and Solutions for Formula 1

Moog produces a range of other micro hydraulic proportional valves and actuators, which are designed for use in Formula 1 where high performance solutions and minimized size and weight are required.

While we are generally known for our servo valves, Moog can also produce complete turnkey actuation systems for motorsport applications using both hydraulic and electric motor technologies.

All Moog electro-hydraulic products used in Formula 1 are homologated by the FIA, this indicates they are approved for use with the standard Formula 1 Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

Miniature Hydraulics for Other Motorsport and High Performance Cars

Moog has been at the forefront of micro hydraulic actuation systems in motorsport since 1982, initially supplying active ride height equipment to Team Lotus for use on their Lotus 92 Formula 1 car. Over the intervening years, Moog has continuously developed a range of micro hydraulic products and systems for actuation in many types of motorsport including Formula 1, World Rally Championship (WRC), Moto GP, Touring Cars, and Le Mans prototypes.

More recently, Moog has adapted its micro hydraulic actuation technology to the control of motorsport braking, steering and fuel control systems.  Examples of this diversification include:- miniature fuel pressure control valves, components for brake system pressure limiting and a standard hydro-mechanical steering valve.

Other High Performance Applications

In addition, high performance car manufacturers can benefit from Moog's Formula 1 technology to deliver enhanced drive-train, chassis, braking, steering and advanced aerodynamic systems.

Other applications that benefit from miniature hydraulics include those found in yacht racing, medical, downhole and robotics. 

Our Capabilities - Design, Development, Manufacturing and Technical Support

Moog has a dedicated global motorsport design, development, manufacture and service centre based at its facility in the UK.  This centre has a specialist team of engineers, designers and product managers working on product development and custom systems.  Moog's application engineers stay abreast of the latest motorsport regulations, and offer expert advice on the design of systems.  Moog can also offer assistance with system simulation and modeling. 


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