Moog Participates in Plast 2018: Showcasing its Total Solution and Innovative Electro-hydrostatic Actuation System

31 May 2018

Milan, Italy. Moog will present its ‘Total Solution’ at stand C152, Hall 24  at Milan Plast 2018. Moog’s Total Solution offers electric, hydraulic and hybrid technologies, using a ‘technology neutral’ approach whereby the company helps plastics machine builders to use technology that will help them achieve all performance goals. The Electrohydrostatic Actuation System is an important part of our ‘total’ approach to help customers achieve optimum solutions that meet specific machine needs across multiple applications.

The Electrohydrostatic Pump Unit (EPU) is a next-generation hybrid system designed to combine the advantages of both electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanical technologies. It brings together the reduced consumption of an electrical system and the power of a highly reliable hydraulic system with easy energy storage for failsafe motion. Manufacturers can apply this solution on several axes including injection molding, cracking/closing and screw plastification. The unit is available either as a single product, or as an integrated system called the Electrohydrostatic Actuation System that combines the EPU with additional components the customer requires. This technology helps to implement a decentralized motion control system that eliminates the need for the hydraulic power unit, complex piping and filtration systems, thereby reducing the need for additional space on each axis.

The booth will also feature a new successful application using EAS technology, an axle fatigue test system resulting from a design collaboration with Moog and our customer, Meritor. Meritor is an American multinational, global supplier of integrated systems, modules and components such as axles, suspensions and braking systems for the transport and industrial sectors, with a Cameri laboratory in Novara. The benefits of using this decentralized, stand-alone system for this application included greater energy savings and lower costs, reduced envelope space and higher performance. Our team of experts will be discussing how injection and blow molding machines can also achieve these significant advantages.

At Plast 2018 Moog will discuss the company's ‘Total Solution’ for plastics machinery, offering a solution capable of ensuring the high performance control of axes such as injection molding, extractors, jacks, trolleys, and parison  as well as other functions. A range of motion control products and system will be on display offering higher performance, better productivity and reliability, greater precision in positioning, more accurate control of pressure at high speeds, and lower installation costs for injection molding and blow molding machines.

As a leader in providing high-performance Servo and Proportional Valves to this market, Moog offers an impressive range of products with numerous technical and size options to meet the specific needs of relevant applications. Servo Vales with digital control electronics are important to plastics machinery builders that are seeking the benefits of field bus control, advanced diagnostics, operations monitoring, and the ability to adjust valve characteristics on the fly to obtain more performance and functionality.

Moog’s RKP pumps consist of variable displacement pumps that combine high performance with maximum reliability and efficiency. Featuring a robust design, the pumps are characterised by a long working life and minimum maintenance requirements. The RKP-D, with digital control, represents the electro-hydraulic version of the pump, offering an advanced, flexible solution designed for use on machines that require elevated dynamics and reliability for applications such as injection-molding machines.

The MC600 Series Controller, based on the Linux operating system, includes a complete range of modules for total machine control. Used in conjunction with the Moog Application Software Suite (MASS), an easy-to-use programming tool based on the latest version (3.5) of CoDeSys and the IEC61131-3 standard, these new controllers are the ideal solution for applications that require rapid cycle times, high precision and maximum flexibility. For example, manufacturers can use them for plastics injection molding and blow moulding machines, packaging machines and metal forming machines.

Moog’s Parison Controller can be adapted to both electric and hydraulic blow moulding machines and it ensures high precision control because of the large number of points included in the parison profile. The Parison Controller is simple to install and use, has four separate channels for four corresponding continuous extrusion parison or storage heads, extrusion speed control, up to 400 control points for each profile and three access levels to increase data protection.

Moog will also feature its range of Hydraulic Servo-actuators with analog or digital electronics designed for Blow Molding Machinery. With a low friction coefficient, these actuators include an LVDT, Servo Valve for closed loop, integrated position management and require only one driving signal.

Caption: Moog Electro-Hydrostatic Pump Unit (EPU): A next-generation system that combines the advantages of electro-hydraulic and electromechanical technologies

Caption: Moog MC 600 series Electronic Controller, designed to combine flexibility, simplicity of use and high performance

Moog Italiana at Parma SPS and Milan Plast Trade Shows

Our new Electrohydrostatic Actuation System (EAS) was a highlight to our booth visitors. The EAS combines our Electrohydrostatic Pump Unit (EPU) with any optional parts a customer might need to deliver significantly better levels of energy efficiency, eliminates the need for an HPU and offers proven alternative to traditional actuation.