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Plastics Machine Building

Motion control solutions for plastics machinery.

Injection Molding

Today’s injection moulding application builders are under increasing pressure to add value for their customers by developing machinery capable of higher productivity, process repeatability, energy efficiency, reliability and a smaller footprint. Moog’s electric, hydraulic and hybrid products and systems provide high performance motion control for injection moulding applications, across the injection, ejector and clamp axes. Our solutions, extensive plastics industry expertise and application know how to help you achieve increased value for your customers.

Blow Molding

As blow moulding application technology shifts increasingly toward electric motion control, Moog is meeting the challenges of this demanding industry. Our flexible products and systems are used to control wall thickness along with the parison, blow pin and ejector axes, resulting in noise reduction, cleaner operation and lower energy costs. Together with our longstanding expertise and familiarity with blow moulding machinery across the world, this makes us a reliable, innovative partner for achieving greater value, higher productivity and optimum parts quality.

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