Legacy Product - Standard Electric Linear Servo Actuators


  • Higher efficiency for the same payload leads to lower energy costs due to lower friction ball screw design in a compact package
  • Increased lifetime - up to two times - due to higher dynamic load rating because of high performance material selection, processing and design
  • Easier installation creates less downtime so you can be online faster as mounting options do not require tie rod removal, front flange, rear clevis and anti-rotation all contribute to a simpler install

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Frame Sizes 3, 4, 5
Lead lengths 5 and 10 mm (.197 and .394 in)
Continuous Stall Force 4.31 to 27.76 kN (970 to 6,242 ibf)
Peak Stall Force 7.30 to 72.25 kN (3,282 to 16,243 lbf)
Stroke Lengths 150 and 300 mm (5.9 and 11.8 in)
Brake Holding Force - optional 2.49 to 33.26 kN (1,122 to 7,478 lbf)
Maximum Speed 146 to 641 mm/sec (5.7 to 25.2 in/sec)

Important Note: This is a legacy product which means it is not to be used for new designs. Please contact your local office to see if this product is available for shipping.



Standard, Flexible and Servoactuation Packages

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