Defense Controllers and Software

Moog has developed a series of controllers that are designed to provide precise motion control for both high and low power output.  All of our controllers are easily tuned to match any system's performance requirements.  We design controllers to support torque, velocity, and position loop closure in a compact, lightweight, militarized package.      

To support any parameters we offer the following array of controllers for Military Ground Vehicles, Missiles and Naval applications

  • Digital Servo Motor Controllers
  • Digital Brushless Motor Controllers
  • Multi-Axis Brushless Motor Controllers



Military Ground Vehicle Controllers


For Military Ground Vehicles, Moog provides multi-axis controllers of high voltage, with digital or analog interface, all within a compact and lightweight package for maximum efficiency.

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Naval Controllers

Our Naval Controllers are designed to withstand the water corrosion of harsh naval environments and are compatible with any shipboard electrical requirements.

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