Military Ground Vehicle Controllers

For Military Ground Vehicles, Moog offers a variety of ruggedized controllers that can be customized to meet your specification parameters.  We produce a series of analog and digital controllers that include: militarized low and high voltage, multi-axis brushless motors that are designed to provide maximum torque and velocity loop closure.  

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MC1000D Brushless Motor Controller

This series of Digital Militarized Low Voltage, 2-Axis, Brushless Motor Controllers is designed to provide torque, velocity and position loop closure.

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MC100D Brushless Motor Controller

This controller accepts command signals from any fire control system (FCS), in either digital or analog format, and interfaces with a control handle.

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MC40 2-Axis Brushless Motor Controller

The advanced space vector algorithms of this controller provide optimum performance for new or existing motors to provide outstanding power densities.

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MC500D Brushless Motor Controller

Designed to provide torque, velocity and position loop closure through a digital format

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Gun Control Unit

Moog's gun control unit is the most advanced, processor controlled system available for the military's gun and cannon platforms. 

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600 VDC Air Cooled Motor Controllers

Moog designed, developed and fielded 600 Vdc controllers to meet the increasing power needs of US military platforms.

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610 VDC Digital Servo Motor Controller

Equipped for Sine, 6-Step and AC Induction Motors with up to 1000 Hz Electrical Frequency.

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MC40 4-axis Brushless Motor Controller

This unit provides four axes of high-voltage, digital motor control in a compact, lightweight, militarized package.

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