ESU-C Energy Management System


As an addition to the EAS portfolio, the Moog ESU Energy Management System (EMS) offers machine operators and OEMs the opportunity to significantly reduce energy and operating costs while increasing the service life of electronic components. The EMS can also be used in electromechanical drive systems.

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Modern machine designs are increasingly based on Electrohydrostatic Drive Systems (EAS) instead of valve-based throttle control. The installed power of the EPU axes and their servo controllers often exceeds the connected load of the previously used hydraulic power unit, especially when conventional hydraulic accumulators are used.

Moog combines the best fitting power infeed with storage units to reduce the installed power significantly. Together with the efficiency gain of the EAS and the peak power reduction of the Moog Energy Management System (EMS), hydraulic machines reach a new level of attractiveness in terms of energy efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).


  • Reduces installed power significantly and thus in-line components up to the transformer (peak shaving)
  • Reduces energy and operating costs and extends the service life of electronic components
  • Maximizing machine efficiency through energy storing and minimizing losses
  • Modular approach: For each application the right infeed and storage type


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