Vibration Isolation Hexapods

Vibration isolation hexapods are used to isolate a payload from a base disturbance source or isolate the base structure from a payload-induced disturbance. The HX-V500 is effectively a passive system using only pneumatics. Its suspension modes are clustered tightly together and payload translations and rotations are uncoupled for optimal isolation performance. The HX-MV500 includes hybrid pneumatic/voice coil actuators which allow it to also function as a jitter disturbance simulator for cryocoolers and stepper motors.




  • Camera image stabilization
  • Weapons stabilization
  • Optical jitter isolation
  • Isolation of the base from noisy payloads such as rotating machinery
  • Isolation of sensitive measurement equipment
  • Protection of fragile items during shipping

Performance Characteristics

Model HX-V500 HX-MV500
Payload Mass Up to 225 kg Up to 180 kg
Dimension (diameter x height) 1675 mm x 600 mm 2100 mm x 1000 mm

Range of Motion1

  HX-V500 HX-MV500
X (lateral) ±25 mm

±25 mm

Y (longitudinal) ±25 mm ±30 mm
Z (vertical) ±20 µm ±15 mm
Roll ±2˚ ±2.5˚
Pitch ±2˚ ±2.5˚
Yaw ±4˚ ±6˚
Bandwidth NA 40 Hz
Suspension frequency < 3.3 Hz < 5 Hz
Test payload mass 90 kg 90 kg

Electrical power

  HX-V500 HX-MV500

50 W

200 W
Peak 50 W 1500 W
Actuation type Pneumatic Pneumatic and voice coil

1. The ranges of motion of the six axes are interdependent. Listed values represent the maximum range with all other axes at their zero positions and the center of rotation at the center of the payload interface.