Hexapods & Positioning Systems

A hexapod is a robotic manipulator capable of moving a payload in all six degrees of freedom: lateral, longitudinal, and vertical translations as well as roll, pitch, and yaw rotations. Motions can be made simultaneously in multiple axes or independently in a single axis while preventing movement in the others. A hexapod’s parallel actuator arrangement provides high load capacity, stiffness, and accuracy compared to serial robotic manipulator architectures. Other motion control devices typically provide positioning, motion simulation, or vibration isolation in only one or two degrees of freedom making hexapods the ideal solution when multiple degrees of freedom motion is required.

Precision Positioning Hexapods

Precision positioning hexapods are used for point-and-hold or slow tracking operation where minimum incremental step size, repeatability, and/or accuracy are critical. 


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Motion Simulation Hexapods

Motion simulation hexapods are used for high frequency motion replication and disturbance generation. Our systems use voice coil actuators to provide large accelerations and high bandwidths. 


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Vibration Isolation Hexapods

Vibration isolation hexapods are used to isolate a payload from a base disturbance source or isolate the base structure from a payload-induced disturbance. 


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Custom Systems

Sometimes the hexapod needs to match the application rather than trying to make the application match the hexapod. We are able and willing to modify our standard hexapods to meet specific customer requirements including extreme environments. For unique applications, we also build custom hexapods that leverage off our heritage designs. If you cannot find a standard hexapod that meets your needs, please contact our engineering team to discuss.