Ultra-Performance Type 3 Actuator and Gimbal

The Ultra Performance Type 3 (UPT3) Actuator and UPT3G Biaxial Gimbal are designed to implement features, improvements and technology enhancements accumulated from over 40 years of experience in producing pointing and actuating mechanisms for the space industry. The UPT3 Actuator is a closely integrated package that utilizes all available space to significantly increase performance and reliability. While design and performance margins are elevated with the introduction of this actuator, key interface envelope dimensions of the Moog heritage Type 3 are preserved to facilitate interchangeability.



Key Features:

  • Closely integrated modular design
  • Through-hole egress provides passage for cables and RF rotary joints
  •  Moog QuieSense position telemetry device provides noise free operation
  • Very fine output resolution provides fine pointing
  • High torsional and moment stiffness
  • Fully adjustable external hard stops



Description UPT3 Actuator                             UPT3 Gimbal                  

Number of Phases

 2, 3 & 4  2, 3 & 4
Output Step Angle (Degree)  0.002 0.0016
Nominal Running Torque (in-lb) 1100 1100
Unpowered Holding Torque (in-lb)  >700 >850
Torsional Stiffness (in-lb/rad) >250,000 >150,000 (in EL and AZ)
Moment Stiffness (in-lb/rad)  >1,100,000 >300,000 (in EL and AZ)
Operating Temperature Range -50° to +105° -50° to +105°
Mechanical Accuracy <0.025 <0.025
Repeatability <0.001 <0.001
Hysteresis <0.015 <0.015
Load Inertia Capability >4,500 (Kg.m2 ) – Condition Dependant >4,500 – Condition Dependant
Through Hole Diameter (inch) 0.75 0.50
Weight (lbs) <5.75 <12.5
Fine Potentiometers (redundant) 350° Electrical Travel 350° Electrical Travel
Coarse Potentiometers (redundant) 350° Electrical Travel 350° Electrical Travel
Internal Heater (redundant) Yes Yes
Internal Thermistors (redundant) Yes Yes
Integrated Connectors (qty 4 D-sub max) Yes Yes

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